Apple cider pressed in our own cider mill

Cider Mill

Sweet apple cider is synonymous with the taste of fall and fresh apples. Over the years we have continued to perfect the delicious recipe for our sweet cider. Typically, we press several six-hundred-gallon batches each week during autumn – a far cry from the first batch of 50 gallons in 1994.

We have since won an award from the North American Farmers Market Association for the sweet taste of our cider.

Our cider is flash pasteurized to seal in the flavor and freshness.

Orchard owner Harley Prewitt with Cider Award

Orchard owner Harley Prewitt with Cider Award

You can enjoy a cup of cold cider, a cider slushie, or hot spiced cider while at the orchard, then take home a gallon or half gallon to enjoy later.

Apple cider has become a well-established family tradition at Apple Hill Orchard. Once you taste our cider, it may well become a tradition for your family also.