Delicious apples ready to pick

Apple Varieties

Apple Hill Orchard grows a wide variety of apples to suit everyone’s taste. Below are brief descriptions of every variety we grow.

The expected harvest date of each variety is shown next to its name. For a chart of the expected harvest dates of all varieties, see our harvest calendar.

Ginger Gold (Late July)
A late summer apple with the qualities of a fall apple. Ginger Gold has a rich yellow color with a cream colored flesh and a mildly sweet flavor.

Gala (Mid August)
A red and yellow-stripped apple, the Gala has a very sweet taste. Gala apples are excellent for eating and hold their shape with cooked.

Arlet (Mid August)
Also known as Swiss Gourmet, this apple has a creamy white flesh. Arlet’s tart flavor makes it a good cooking apple.

Honeycrisp (Late August)
A crisp apple with a juicy sweet-tart rich flavor. Honeycrisp consistently ranks at the top in taste panels.

Jonagold (Late Aug/Early Sept)
A yellow apple with orange-red stripes. Jonagold is juicy with a tangy, sweet flavor that makes it a preferred eating apple.

Golden Delicious (Late Aug/Early Sept)
The Golden Delicious is an all-purpose apple: it can be baked, eaten, or cooked, and it has a rich, mellow taste.

Red Delicious (Late Aug/Early Sept)
As the worlds most widely planted apple, the Red Delicious is a traditional favorite for eating and is known for its mild, sweet taste.

Red Rome (Early Octo­ber)
The slightly tart flavor of the Red Rome makes it a good eating and baking apple.

Cameo (Early Octo­ber)
A red striped apple that is firm and crisp with an aromatic flavor. Cameo has a near perfect tart sweet combination and stores very well.

Stayman Winesap (Early Octo­ber)
A tart crisp apple named for its spicy, wine like flavor and aroma. Stayman Winesap is especially good for apple pies.

Fuji (Mid Octo­ber)
The Fuji apple holds up very well in storage and has a firm, juicy flesh with a sweet taste.

Goldrush (Mid Octo­ber)
The sweet flavor of a Goldrush actually improves while in storage. This apple has a yellow skin with a slight blush and crisp flesh.

Granny Smith (Mid Octo­ber)
The Granny Smith apple has a very sharp, tart flavor and is mainly used for making apple pies. It is distinguished by its bright green appearance.

Pink Lady (Late Octo­ber)
The name Pink Lady comes from this apple’s yellow undertone covered by a pink blush. As one of the last apples picked each season, the Pink Lady has a unique sweet/tart flavor.