Delicious apples ready to pick

Apple Varieties

Apple Hill Orchard grows a wide vari­ety of apples to suit everyone’s taste. Below are brief descrip­tions of every vari­ety we grow.

The expected har­vest date of each vari­ety is shown next to its name. For a chart of the expected har­vest dates of all vari­eties, see our har­vest cal­en­dar.

Gin­ger Gold (Late July)
A late sum­mer apple with the qual­i­ties of a fall apple. Gin­ger Gold has a rich yel­low color with a cream col­ored flesh and a mildly sweet flavor.

Gala (Mid August)
A red and yellow-stripped apple, the Gala has a very sweet taste. Gala apples are excel­lent for eat­ing and hold their shape with cooked.

Arlet (Mid August)
Also known as Swiss Gourmet, this apple has a creamy white flesh. Arlet’s tart fla­vor makes it a good cook­ing apple.

Hon­ey­crisp (Late August)
A crisp apple with a juicy sweet-tart rich fla­vor. Hon­ey­crisp con­sis­tently ranks at the top in taste panels.

Jon­agold (Late Aug/Early Sept)
A yel­low apple with orange-red stripes. Jon­agold is juicy with a tangy, sweet fla­vor that makes it a pre­ferred eat­ing apple.

Golden Deli­cious (Late Aug/Early Sept)
The Golden Deli­cious is an all-purpose apple: it can be baked, eaten, or cooked, and it has a rich, mel­low taste.

Red Deli­cious (Late Aug/Early Sept)
As the worlds most widely planted apple, the Red Deli­cious is a tra­di­tional favorite for eat­ing and is known for its mild, sweet taste.

Red Rome (Early Octo­ber)
The slightly tart fla­vor of the Red Rome makes it a good eat­ing and bak­ing apple.

Cameo (Early Octo­ber)
A red striped apple that is firm and crisp with an aro­matic fla­vor. Cameo has a near per­fect tart sweet com­bi­na­tion and stores very well.

Stay­man Wine­sap (Early Octo­ber)
A tart crisp apple named for its spicy, wine like fla­vor and aroma. Stay­man Wine­sap is espe­cially good for apple pies.

Fuji (Mid Octo­ber)
The Fuji apple holds up very well in stor­age and has a firm, juicy flesh with a sweet taste.

Gol­drush (Mid Octo­ber)
The sweet fla­vor of a Gol­drush actu­ally improves while in stor­age. This apple has a yel­low skin with a slight blush and crisp flesh.

Granny Smith (Mid Octo­ber)
The Granny Smith apple has a very sharp, tart fla­vor and is mainly used for mak­ing apple pies. It is dis­tin­guished by its bright green appearance.

Pink Lady (Late Octo­ber)
The name Pink Lady comes from this apple’s yel­low under­tone cov­ered by a pink blush. As one of the last apples picked each sea­son, the Pink Lady has a unique sweet/tart flavor.

Lim­ber­twig (Late Octo­ber)
An old vari­ety that is believed to have orig­i­nated in the moun­tains of Ten­nessee, North Car­olina, and Ken­tucky. Lim­ber­twig is an eat­ing apple with yel­low flesh, a yel­low skin, some rus­set­ting, and often a dull red blush. The fla­vor is rich and aromatic.