Delicious apples ready for harvest

Harvest Calendar

Our Harvest Calendar is updated regularly to reflect current apple varieties available for You Pick, anticipated ready to pick dates, and varieties that are available in the store.  Once a variety is no longer available for you pick or in the Country Store it will be indicated on the Harvest Calendar.

Closed Sundays

Last updated October 9, 2015

Variety Approximate
Harvest Date
You Pick Available in
Country Store
Ginger Gold Mid July Not Available Sold Out 10/7
Gala Mid August Opened 8/15 – Closed 9/17 8/15
Arlet Mid August Opened 8/15 – Closed 9/17 Sold Out 10/8
Honeycrisp Late August Opened 8/22 – Closed 8/28 Sold Out 9/9
Golden Delicious Late Aug/Early Sept Opened 8/28 8/29
Red Delicious Late Aug/Early Sept Opened 8/29 9/19
Jonagold Late Aug/Early Sept Opened 9/4 9/5
Cameo Early October Opened 9/26 10/10
Stayman Winesap Early October Opened 10/3 10/9
Red Rome Early October Opening 10/9 TBA
Fuji Mid October Opening 10/16 TBA
Granny Smith Mid October Opening 10/16 TBA
Goldrush Mid October Opening 10/23 TBA
Pink Lady Late October Opening 10/23 TBA