Delicious apples ready for harvest

Harvest Calendar

Our Harvest Calendar is updated regularly to reflect current apple varieties available for You Pick, anticipated ready to pick dates, and varieties that are available in the store.  Once a variety is no longer available for you pick or in the Country Store it will be indicated on the Harvest Calendar.

Closed Sundays

Last updated August 25, 2016

We carefully plan and select our u-pick dates to ensure the best quality, taste, and ripeness of our apples.  We do not open varieties for u-pick until they are ripe.

Varieties will not be opened before the date posted.  We know a lot of planning goes into many of our customers trips to visit the orchard.  When someone plans to be here on opening day of a variety it is a sore disappointment when others have gone in early to pick that variety.  Please help us be respectful of those who plan and know that we will not open varieties for u-pick before the dates posted.

Variety Approximate
Harvest Date
You Pick Available in
Country Store
Ginger Gold Mid July Not Available 8/13
Gala Mid August Opened 8/13 Opening New Section 8/27 8/13
Arlet (Swiss Gourmet) Mid August  Closed 8/23  –
Honeycrisp Late August Closed  8/25 8/27
Jonagold Late Aug/Early Sept Opening 8/27
Golden Delicious Late Aug/Early Sept Opening TBA
Red Delicious Late Aug/Early Sept Opening TBA Very Limited Quantities for 2016
Cameo Early October Opening TBA
Stayman Winesap Early October Opening TBA
Red Rome Early October Opening TBA
Fuji Mid October Opening TBA Very Limited Quantities for 2016
Granny Smith Mid October Not Available for 2016 u-pick
Goldrush Mid October Opening TBA
Pink Lady Late October Opening TBA